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NOTE: If you were involved in a vehicle or rollover accident, we strongly urge to to talk to an attorney. Additionally you must preserve the vehicle (the alleged defective product) as evidence and not allow the vehicle, parts or tires or any other evidence to be lost, destroyed or crushed, taken apart or salvaged. Pictures alone, are not usually sufficient to proof the defect. Many times our clients are under the assumption the vehicle has been destroyed or crushed by the insurance company, when in fact the vehicle may still be available for inspection and later purchase at an auto auction yard, tow or wrecker yard.

Our law firm can help locate the vehicle on cases we are interested in investigation and often we will buy the wrecked vehicle and have it stored for evidence in a warehouse until after the case is over or after the investigation is completed. As to filing a claim or lawsuit, each state has different statutes of limitations or deadlines to file a lawsuit. In some states the filing deadline is as short as ONE (1.00) year and in other states it is longer. Consult with a lawyer immediately to be sure. Lastly, many states have a statutory period to file a lawsuit called the statute of repose regarding the length of time a lawsuit can be maintained regarding a building, product or other manufactured items including the vehicle, tire or parts to that vehicle. It is VERY important that you know whether the state in which the accident occurred has a limited statute of repose or not. Talk to a lawyer to find out what laws and statutes govern your accident or defect. CONTACT US NOW.

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