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Rollover Accident Lawyer

Past SUV & Truck Rollover Accident Lawsuits

For over 30 years trial lawyer David P. Willis has practiced in the field of personal injury and wrongful death litigation. After working for the Supreme Court of Texas as an attorney, Willis began representing seriouly injured clients in a variety of injury accidents including severe rollover accidents, tire defects, seatbelt and seat belt buckle defects, auto accidents, industrial accidents, product defects, trucking accidents, maritime and oilfield accidents and 100's of rollover accident related defect cases involving vans, SUVs and trucks.
As the years went by Willis started to handled more and more SUV and truck rollover accidents in Texas and now after 33 years maintains a nationwide SUV & truck rollover injury practice with law offices headquartered in Houston, Texas handling SUV & truck rollover cases with different aspects of defects ranging from weak roofs and roof pillars that collapse, defective seatbelts that fail to restrain, defective airbag that fail to deploy and a wide variety of vehicle design issues dealing to vehicle stability and crashworthiness.

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Ford Explorer Rollover Injury & Death

Driver suffered serious injuries requiring amputation of both of her legs and her husband the front seat passenger was killed when the left rear Firestone tire de-treaded causing the driver to lose control and suddenly rollover on Interstate 45, south of Houston, Texas. A lawsuit was filed and later a Confidential Settlement was reached. This lawsuit was one of the first Ford Explorer Firestone Tire lawsuits, bringing national attentional to the defective Firestone tires and leading to the recall of over 8 million defectively designed and engineered tires. This also brought The rollover problem of the Ford Explorer public and helped educate the motoring public. Mr. Willis and several other lawyers were later awarded the Steven Sharp Public Service Award for the their efforts.

Geo Tracker Rollover Accident & Seatback Failure

Texas woman suffered severe spinal cord injuries rendering her a paraplegic when her seat back collapsed on impact in a partial rollover collision into a roadside ditch. The seat back collapse defect was later found to be a negligent repair when the seat back had failed once before. The original metal seat back frtame and hinge assembly was built of inferior metals and insufficient strength. A lawsuit was filed, and later an out of court settlement reached.

Jeep Wrangler Rollover Accident

Ole Miss college student sustained serious head injury when her Jeep Wrangler rolled over as she was attempting to avoid a dog that darted onto the highway. Sadly the design of her Jeep Wrangler’s “roll bar” was defective and it collapsed causing her to have serious and permanent head injuries. Per Chrysler Jeep, the Wrangler's "rollbar" was never designed or engineered to serve as occupant protection or but rather just a decrative light and accessory bar.A Jeep Wrangler rollover lawsuit was filed in Federal Court and after many months settled out of court for a confidential amount.

Ford Bronco II Rollover Accident

Young high school student rolled her Ford Bronco II when she attempted to avoid a deer on a Texas State highway  The roof of the Bronco II crushed down and collapse onto her caused the driver to sustain moderate head injuries with serious facial scarring requiring numerous plastic surgeries. The Bronco II was Ford's first SUV and the predecessor to the Ford Explorer, which later overtook the Bronco as a leading SUV rollover king. After a thorough accident investigation, trial lawyer David Willis filed a product defect lawsuit against Ford Motor Company and against the a local Ford dealership. Some time later after Plaintiff's rollover deposition, the rollover accident lawsuit was settled during court ordered mediation for a confidential amount.

Ford F350 Pickup Truck Rollover

A Texas college professor was killed in his Ford F-350 heavy duty truck that rolled over and the roof collapsed after being clipping by a 18 wheeler truck that was illegally passing him on the left as he slowed down to turn left into a parking lot, The impact of the 18 wheeler was not fatal, but it caused the F350 to pushed out of control where upon it hit a road culvert and launched the vehicle into the air. The extremely heavy F350 truck landed on its roof crushing down and trapping and later suffocating the driver. Sadly his wife was present in the truck with him and she was helpless to be able to help him escape as he died from positional / traumatic asphyxiation. Months later after the investigation was complete, a F-350 rollover and roof crush defect lawsuit was filed against Ford Motor Company and a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the truck driver and his employer. A crashworthiness and top rollover expert was hired by trial lawyer Willis and later the product libility and wrongful death suit was settled out of court.

Chevy S10 Pickup Truck Rollover

A East Texas five year old boy was ejected out the back window during the rollover and landed on the highway or shoulder when then the Chevrolet S-10 truck rolled over. The young boy sustained catastrophic brain damage requiring 24/7 medical care for life. The during the rollover the rearview window became an open portal to be ejected when the roof deformed during the first rollover and the window popped out. A Chevy S10 rollover lawsuit was filed against General Motors Corporation (GMC) and later after discovery and rollover expert testimony, the case was settled after a long mediation in Houston, Texas for a confidential amount.


about 30-40 more rollover cases

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