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Rollover Accident Lawyer
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Rollover Accident Causes

Many factors can contributing to causing a rollover accident. On the road rollover accidents can occur due to the driver making a sudden turn in an effort to avoid an animal such as a deer or dog and often from attempting to avoid a road hazard or object on the highway. Other times a rollover can occur from another contact from another vehicle that causes the driver to lose control of the forward direction and the vehicle starts to drift or jaw sideways perpendicular to the direction of travel. When this occurs the rollover is imminent.

tire blowout causes rollover

Rollovers Caused by Tire Blowouts

Millions of drivers experience sudden blowouts and deflations every year. Most of the time the driver is able to bring the vehicle under control and safely off the roadway so that the flat tire or blowout can be repaired or replaced. When however drivers of vehicle that are more prone to rolling over experience a blowout, then the higher center of gravity and narrow wheel base on many SUVs and trucks can make pulling over safely more difficult. This is specially true when the blowout of tire tread separation occurs on the back tires as the vehicle is harder to steer with the rearend often swinging out to the left or right as the driver attempts to brake or steer the vehicle. Again when this happens the vehicle can rollover on the paved road.

rollover roof collapse | roof crush

Rollover accidents can also occur when the vehicle goes out of control and hits a solid cement curb, grass shoulder or a change in pavement. This type of rollover accident can be due to tripping of the tire and vehicle when it come in contact and is unable to continue its movement, without tripping. As mentioned above this tripping can occur even on grass, dirt or gravel as it creates a furrow and the resistance is too much to overcome. Then the vehicle trips, the forward momentum causing it to essentially launch and become airborn, where the danger begins. The violent nature of a highway rollover along with the high energy from the speed and weight of these vehicles often stresses the capabilities of the roof structure, roof pillars, door latches and locks, seatbelts and airbag systems, resulting is catastrophic injuries.

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